Due to the Growing popularity of conversions of aga cookers from oil to 13amp electric, we will no longer be installing Oil Tanks.

One Million Pound Spillage

A Single Skinned Oil Tank had been installed by a local oil tank company (not us) and it split. So far clean up costs have topped £1 Million.

That poor homeowner has been left with the stress of getting that covered under their home insurance. Unsurprisingly, the cowboy installer has vanished.

If only that home owner had received decent advice in the first place, they could have installed a bunded skinned Oil Tank installed for £1,000. There would have been no hassle and no stress.

To burn off the leaked oil, firstly huge pits 8 to 10 metres deep were dug. The electricity board were then called in to install the 3 phase electricity required to run these huge boilers.

Now that home owner can never have oil storage tanks or boilers again. They need their whole house central heating systems replacing and they still have months of turmoil to suffer. Their garden and soil may somewhat longer to recover.

The clean-up hasn’t finished. The tanks will need removal, the pits filled and pipework removed. There is still a massive operation remaining and the bills are still rolling in.

Oil leaks have unfortunate knock on effects. When the home-owner or those around this, ever come to sell their house, this will show up on any search. This may affect house prices and could put off potential buyers. Even if buyers are happy that the clean-up were successful, processing of paperwork could add delays.

All in fact they needed was, some decent advice, a registered installer and a bunded skin oil tank.

That is why it is always important to get work done to current regulations. Always ask for a OFTEC or Building Control Certificate. If you don’t get a certificate, don’t pay for the work.

An Environmental Agency Clean-Up doesn’t come cheap. Clean-ups can cost several millions of pounds, close roads and affect whole streets.

It is vital to keep your oil tank in good condition and if you are at all unsure, call in professional to help.

If you are worried about your tank or just need advice…

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