Due to the Growing popularity of conversions of aga cookers from oil to 13amp electric, we will no longer be installing Oil Tanks.

Oil Tank Maintenance – Winter is coming

With winter fast approaching, the heating has already been turned on. For some, it is often the first cold spell, that highlights there Oil tank is damaged.

In the summer sun shine, oil tanks can crack and split and as the temperature drops, these cracks open up, allowing rain and snow to enter. The exposed oil will be rendered useless sludge and appliances down-stream left with costly damage. Water in the oil can block pipes, corrode components and render the oil useless. Once water has enter the tank, the freezing point of the oil rises making it possible for ice to form inside.

Cleaning up oil leaks and repairing damage from badly maintained oil tanks can be both costly and time consuming. Therefore it is vital that your oil tank is inspected at regular intervals throughout the year.

Oil tank Checklist

Check for:

  • Oil stains around tank
  • Bulges, scratches, cracks, discolouring, rust and dents
  • Plants growing too close to tank
  • Dead plants around tank
  • The smell of solvent, petrol or oil.
  • Unusually high oil consumption
  • Malfunctioning gauges and alarms

If your oil leaks into a stream, pond or water supply, the clean-up bill could be close to the value of your house. With such large amounts of oil being stored the environmental damage can be devastating and long lasting. It is important to check that you have adequate insurance to cover all eventualities

If you have any doubt, call us now for an inspection and friendly advice.

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