Due to the Growing popularity of conversions of aga cookers from oil to 13amp electric, we will no longer be installing Oil Tanks.

Oil Tank Maintenance – An expensive lesson

Take care when clearing shrubbery around your oil tank!

Clearing shrubbery around a plastic oil tank with a strimmer could leave you with huge clear up costs!

This particular incident could have been so much worse. Imagine what would have happened if the oil level was above the damage cause by the strimmer.

The Environmental Health Agency would have been involved, people evacuated and the owners left with days of back breaking clean-up and crippling bills.

Why Oil Tank Maintenance is important

There are many reasons why regular oil tank maintenance is important.

  • Pollution incidents from faulty Oil tanks and fuel lines are on the increase.
  • Oil tank spillages can cost tens of thousands – or more!
  • It important to spot any issues early before costs mount up

Keeping the area around an oil tank clear and clean allows you to spot leaks and damage much more easily. If surrounding greenery is left to overgrow, staining to soil, concrete or gravel often goes unnoticed.

Ignoring the obvious aesthetic reasons and house re-sale values, when your oil tank is surrounded by shoulder deep nettles, your not going to be popular with your oil delivery company.

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