Due to the Growing popularity of conversions of aga cookers from oil to 13amp electric, we will no longer be installing Oil Tanks.

Difficult Oil Tank Installations

It has been an exhausting month here at Fourniers. Not only have we been busy, the work has been physically demanding.

We’ve been fitting Oil Tanks and AGAs across Dorset and Somerset.

A big ‘Thank you’ goes out to all those that been involved, especially from our happy customers.


Oil Tank Replacement

We like to think there is no job too big or too small.

We were asked to quote on replacing an old single skinned metal oil tank in Bridport.

Five of our competitors had previously been to out to survey the site, but due to the complexity of the job, none of them had even bothered to return a quote.

Parking was difficult, the excavation would involve serious hard labour and to top it all, the wall needed rebuilding. It was quite obvious why our competitors had walked away, as some jobs simply aren’t financially viable and would leave the work force shattered.

Luckily for this lady, Fournier’s are up for a challenge!

Call us Heroes, but we really do take the rough with the smooth.

Compared to most installations, there were some serious man-hours in this job, so lets hope the next month comes easier.

Oil Tank with a Fire wall

This slimline 1250 Litre oil tank is only 650mm wide, but sits within 760mm of a combustible boundary. Legal requirements dictate a fire wall must be erected. Although fire-proof the wall can be painted.


AGA Restoration

We installed this ‘Hunter Green’ AGA in Thorncombe, near Chard in Somerset.

It doesn’t just add a magnificent centre piece to a kitchen, it saved the customer £4,000 pounds compared to a competitors quote.

As you can see, it’s been freshly restored and really does look good!