Due to the Growing popularity of conversions of aga cookers from oil to 13amp electric, we will no longer be installing Oil Tanks.

Advantages of a smaller oil tank

If you can get away with a smaller tank, then there are numerous advantages:

  • Less weight means less chances of subsidence
  • Less oil to clean up in the event of spillage
  • Smaller tanks mean smaller pump-out charges in the event of damage
  • Smaller footprint
  • Easier to blend into their surroundings
  • Increase in house sale-ability
  • Less substantial foundations required
  • Wider choice of locations
  • Easier access for re-fills
  • Less to get stolen
  • Fresh oil every year
  • Less financial outlay


Does a bigger Oil Tank mean cheaper oil?

There was a time when a larger oil tank meant a better deal was possible for re-fill.

However, those days are long gone and nowadays, whether you order 500Litres or 5,000Litres the price is the same.


Modern Boiler Efficiency

Modern boilers are far more efficient, meaning oil usage is greatly reduced. When less oil is used, the requirement for a huge tank is reduced.

With an old efficient boiler, the requirements for the oil tank and it’s foundations become more complicated and restricting.

With a modern super efficient boiler, oil tank capacity become much more flexible. With fewer foundation requirements and a smaller footprint, the chance of an all round satisfactory solution increases ten fold.


Recent Case Study

In Coryates, Weymouth, we recently replaced a customers’ old, rusty and somewhat smelly 2500Ltr steel tank with a modern double-bunded 1250Ltr tank.

3 years ago she’d had a very efficient new boiler installed, so the need for her now aging steel tank no longer existed.

It took some doing, as not only were new foundations required, new oil pipes needed digging into her driveway. Whilst we were there, it made common sense to install 2 top quality stainless steel parking posts; which believe it or not, aren’t listed in the regulations. Given the smell from her old tank, it also made perfect sense to add an emergency shut off and secondary valve to her new one.

The smaller tank could be fitted neatly into the corner of her drive, still leaving parking room for 3-4 cars. With the tank more accessible, refills became more practical.

The smaller tank, in a better location, with fresh foundations and increased safety features, left a much more agreeable solution.