Oil Storage Tank Installation

Oil storage tanks require professional installation. If installed incorrectly, they can leak, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

To avoid expensive oil spills, install new heating oil tank systems in accordance with current building regulations and perform routine maintenance on both old and new tank systems.

The following checklist can aid you in proper maintenance of your home heating tank system. A diagram of a typical above ground home heating oil tank is provided.

  • Is the ground liable to subsidence?
  • Are tank legs and foundation stable?
  • Are the oil lines between the tank and the property enclosed in protective tubing?
  • Is the tank protected from falling snow or ice?
  • Are the areas around the fill pipe and vent pipe free of signs of previous spills?
  • Are you sure that you are installing the correct size of tank?
  • Will there be enough room around the tank to allow for regular inspection and maintenance?
  • Are you sure the tank is at the correct height?
  • Are there water pipes in the vicinity?
  • How close is the tank to a stream or river?

Details about Installations