AGA Installations

Here at Fournier’s  we are always busy doing AGA and Rayburn restorations and installations.

The choice is always yours. Colour, new pats, old parts restored, 240v 13amp electric conversions etc.

Just call use an let us know your requirements and we can handle the rest.

An AGA is a long-term investment and looking after properly with regular maintenance and servicing will always pay dividends.

Keeping your AGA / Rayburn and it’s flue in perfect condition is vital. Any blockage not only causes them to run inefficiently, it can cause noxious gases such as carbon monoxide.

Other potential worries include:

  • oil leaks
  • gas leaks
  • faulty valves
  • faulty wiring
  • faulty thermocouples
  • faulty fans

Don’t Ignore Your AGA

Here are just a few we have done this month.