A pleasure to service

After nearly 30 years of working with AGA cookers, today I had the privilege of fixing a 1930s model.

It was the oldest I have ever worked on.

Once I’d drilled and tapped some Whitworth threads and fixed the flue manifold, the girl has started again

At 81 years old, it’s still as efficient as a new AGA and less troublesome!!


1930’s AGA’s

AGA’s came to Britain in 1929 from Sweden. They were sold at country fairs and were almost an instant success. In 1931, despite the cash strapped nation, 330 were sold. That number had risen 5 times by 1932 to 1750 per annum.

It was a great looking Art Deco style cooker with low running cost and numerous modern innovations. They were such a success, that AGA moved manufacturing to the UK; under license.

Not only were running costs low, your could buy one with a small deposit and monthly payments. This brought luxury living into the average family home.