Following the announcement by the Prime Minister,

Whilst our Aga -Boiler -Rayburn Service Department have postponed all non-essential visits, Fournier’s will endeavour to help anyone who requires an emergency call-out. Call us on 01305 262411 for further information.

We are still be undertaking oil tank replacements and emergency pump outs if our engineers can keep a safe distance from the customer causing no impact on the elderly or more vulnerable people.

If we are coming to you for an emergency breakdown on your Aga -boiler- Rayburn when you need it, for everyone’s health and safety we are going to need to take a few extra precautions.
If you are currently self-isolating, or think you might have some of the symptoms of Coronavirus, we ask that you let us know before our visit, or at the point of booking so that we can plan the best way to proceed. The situation is developing very quickly, so we will be reviewing each appointment on a case-by-case basis.
We want to help as many people as we possibly can, while keeping everyone safe and following the latest official guidance. This means looking closely at our demand and capacity, and prioritising those that need us most.

We’ll support you as best we can through this period and will offer flexibility around servicing timescales.
For all our work visits, we will be following these guidelines:
• Avoiding handshakes on arrival
• Keeping a safe distance whilst they are at the property
• Requesting customers to clear any working areas
• Carry personal protective at all times and safeguard working environments
• Self-isolating if they display any symptoms
We are providing our engineers with regular updates and coaching on hygiene and how to deal with their work in these situations.