Inefficient AGA’s need Re-Insulation

Although there are regular fluctuations, the price of oil has been rising steadily for years, therefore if your AGA hasn’t been checked for a while, an overhaul would not just bring peace of mind, it could actually save you money.

As AGA’s age, their internal insulation deteriorates, breaks up and sinks to the bottom. Whether it be ‘Fullers Earth’, ‘Khieselghere’ or the more efficient ‘Vermiculite’, after a number of years your cooker will begin to use significantly more energy and may in fact not be capable of reaching full heat. When this happens, the only real solution is to have your AGA professionally overhauled and re-insulated.

Your AGA may in fact be using materials that are no-longer recommended or indeed available in the UK and an overhaul would be a great opportunity to upgrade to modern equivalents.

We offer a overhaul and insulation service covering the following:

  • Removal and replacement of all old Vermiculite with new
  • Removal of all Khieselghere or Fullers Earth type insulation; replacing with modern Vermiculite
  • Removal of all slag and fibreglass from within the top; replacing with a new Superwool insulation blanket
  • Removal of all slag and fibreglass from within lids and doors; renewing with Superwool custom sized pads
  • Packing around hot / simmer spot, sealing with a custom made insulation rope
  • Removal and replacement of all rope / gauze seals, renewing with modern seals

There are many models and styles of AGA, so contact us for pricing. 01305 262411