Keep your Aga or Rayburn cooker going with a service

The last thing you want is for your Aga or Rayburn cooker to fail before an important event or meal. To keep your Aga or Rayburn cooker going, you need have it regularly serviced.

Fournier’s are qualified to work both on your Aga or Rayburn and Heating Boilers , so one service call is all that is needed

Gas-fired Cookers will usually require a service annually.

An oil-fired Cooker should be serviced every six months or once a year if you have it turned out during the summer months.

Please note: Your cooker must be cool for a service visit, so it is advised to turn it off the night before.

What will the service entail?

During a routine service the following actions will normally be taken (these may vary dependant on model)

  • Operation of controls will be checked and components
  • Safety devices will be checked
  • Internal flue ways and burners will be cleaned
  • Gas pressures will be checked and fuel rates (oil)
  • All rope seals and gaskets will be inspected or replaced
  • Adjust operation of insulating lids and doors
  • Verify level and if necessary top up insulation
  • Visually check the safety of oil line and storage tank
  • Check soundness of gas
  • Check integrity and safety of electrical connections and insulation
  • Make sure the ventilation and flue system is correct
  • Clean circulation fans and/or oven venting fans