AGA Moving

If you are moving home and you would like to take your AGA with you or you have found a second hand item it is vital that it is moved and installed by a professional.

AGA’s last for generations and are built to last from cast iron. Castings can harden over time and can form tiny cracks. If an AGA is moved in one piece, stresses on the structure can cause castings to crack. Unless professionally inspected, Never buy an AGA that has been moved in one piece, is in poor condition or stored on an uneven surface.

During installation, castings are carefully aligned to not only ensure efficient operation, but to prevent heat stresses. When castings do not have a proper seal, the contact areas between parts are minimised, causing localised hot spots. It doesn’t take long for these hot spots to cause cracking with potentially dangerous results.

It goes without saying, that you should never use a untrained courier to ship your AGA.

Our Service offers :

  • Dismantle and reassembling.
  • Transportation within a 200 mile radius or Dorchester Dorset.
  • Supplying storage until the time suits you.

Top Tip

With poorly assembled or unmaintained AGA’s, you may find the seals are out of line and the hot and simmer spot have sunk and in some worst cases the base plate has cracked.

It is not just the condition of your AGA that is important, it is the surface it sits on. Unlike your everyday, typical cooker an AGA must sit on a solid, level foundation. The flue must also meet the correct standards and requirement for your model.

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As AGA’s age, their internal insulation deteriorates, breaks up and sinks to the bottom. Whether it be ‘Fullers Earth’, ‘Khieselghere’ or the more efficient ‘Vermiculite’, after a number of years your cooker will begin to use significantly more energy and may in fact not be capable of reaching full heat. When this happens, the only real solution is to have your AGA professionally overhauled and re-insulated.

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