Due to the Growing popularity of conversions of aga cookers from oil to 13amp electric, we will no longer be installing Oil Tanks.

Common sense versus reality with planners, some people need to realize not everyone has a large garden and can have tanks 1.8m away from walls, windows, trees, Boiler outlet We can only try with fire protection


Massive challenge, in Godmanstone Dorchester Dorset


The customer needs heat and her old steel tank was an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Absolutely rotten on the bottom and someone had used night storage heater fire bricks to stand it on, that were a crumbling mess.

She had a 1-meter-wide garden and all windows were too close for new regs to new tank.

So, we had to get the thinking cap on,

New base, 650 bunded tank, and a fire wall

Job done


She has had complaint from Dorset district council about a small table chair out front and plants, I really can’t wait for the complaint from them about new tank.


Its safe it complies and you cant deny someone heat 😊