Oil fired boiler and cooker servicing and Repairs

All oil fired boilers and cookers require regular servicing to minimise the risk of breakdowns. Regular servicing will also help to ensure that they perform as economically and efficiently as possible, and to a high environmental standard. With regular servicing you can help avoid expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

Boiler Services and Repairs

Being Oftec Approved, there’s no one better or qualified to service your oil boiler than Fournier’s Limited .

Why Service your Boiler?

Oil Boilers are very efficient and clean BUT to keep them running efficiently they need regular servicing, at least annually, as per manufacturers and OFTEC recommendations. Oil nozzles wear and when worn they can cause sooting up of the boiler causing inefficient heat transfer and an increase in oil consumption, costing you money!!

A standard service to OFTEC Standards includes:

  • Remove baffles & clean combustion chamber & heat exchanger
  • Replace oil nozzle with new nozzle as per manufacturers specification
  • Oil pump pressure checked and adjusted
  • Inspect oil storage tank and sight gauge, check for water if suitable valve fitted, and report any defects.
  • Cleaning of photo cell and check operation
  • Check condition of electrodes, clean & re set correctly
  • Inspection of oil lines & cleaning of oil filters
  • Check operation of fire valves
  • Inspection & clean of fan and motor
  • Examination of joints and flue pipes
  • Inspection and cleaning of secondary exchanger (condensing appliances only)
  • Inspection of condensate discharge pipe (condensing appliances only)
  • Smoke testing to identify cleanliness of combustion
  • Full electronic combustion and analysis check and adjustment to gain optimum boiler efficiency (print out included)
  • Completion of the OFTEC CD/11 service report form

Boiler Services and Repairs FAQ’s

Did you know by having your boiler serviced, you can save money on running costs?

When summer comes, do you switch off your oil boiler and use your hot water cylinder immersion heater for your domestic hot water? Not using your boiler for prolonged periods of time can lead to complications when you go to start it again.

While the boiler is not in regular use, seals can harden then leak when the boiler is restarted, leading to an expensive repair.

Top Tip:
If you do give your boiler a “rest” during the summer, then start and run your boiler for a short while every month, this will keep things working and give your heating circulating pump a workout too to stop it from sticking.


Avoid breakdowns & burner lock-outs make sure that you have your oil fired boiler serviced every year, this will also save you money on fuel.

My Boiler will not start

If you can, access the burner, usually behind a casing door. Is there a red/orange light on at the control box? If there is then the burner has shut down safely because something is wrong. First check to see if you have oil in your fuel tank and that the outlet valve is turned ON. Return to your boiler and press the illuminated lock-out button, the burner should start and run through its start-up procedure. Sometimes you can get a random lock-out that happens for no reason, so pressing the lock-out button may restart the burner and it may run fine again. If your burner goes to lock-out again, then this is the time to get your boiler serviced.

I have run out of oil, had a refill and cannot now restart my boiler

If you have run out of oil and have had a refill do not try and restart your boiler until a good 30 minutes after delivery, this time will allow the sediment that the refill stirred up to settle and not get drawn through to your filters if it has already not done so. After this time you can try and press the lock-out button on the burner control box to restart, you can try this a MAXIMUM of three times, further “trying” may damage your ignition transformer, it is designed to operate ONCE on start up to ignite the burner, continuous operation will overheat it and could damage it. After a run-out there is a good chance that you will not be able to restart your boiler even after the three “tries” as air will have been drawn into your fuel line, also there is a chance that debris has blocked/restricted your filters. This is the time to call Fournier’s 01305 262411 to restart your boiler.

If you have an Oil Leak

If you have an oil leak in or around your boiler or between the boiler/fuel tank and it is more than a weep/drip that you can catch in a container until an boiler engineer can come out to you, then it is best that you turn off the supply from your fuel tank. Remember also to turn off your boiler, either via the programmer or at the spur.

Oil Deliveries

When you have an oil delivery, it is best to make sure that your boiler is not running at the time of delivery, or better still turn off the tank valve (make sure that the boiler is also off). This will stop any debris that the delivery stirs up getting into your filters and blocking them or worse still getting into your burner pump which could damage it and this could turn into an expensive repair. Leave at least 30 minutes to an hour if possible before turning on the tank and boiler again

What type heating oil do I need?

Most of domestic heating oil boilers run on Kerosene, C2, 28secs fuel – clear with a yellow tint. If you ask for ‘heating oil’ when you place your order you will be quoted for Kerosene, C2, 28secs fuel. Some oil boilers run on Gas Oil – 35secs fuel – red, however these are very few and far between.

How will I know how much oil was actually delivered?

When your oil is delivered a delivery note will be printed out in the meter of the tanker by the driver detailing exactly how much oil has been delivered. This is regulated by trading standards and the tanker meters are tested by them twice a year, so you can be confident that the meter readings are accurate.