Pride in our Work

Oil Tanks Dorset Fourniers Ltd

14 Jan 2017

Here at Fourniers we take pride in our Oil Tank Installations.

To us, every time we are invited to show our skills, we take the opportunity to prove we are at the top of our game.

Getting a new Oil Tank, isn’t simply about a lorry unloading, whilst you sign one of those electronic touch pads. An Oil tank is a long term investment, one where professional advice and guidance is essential. An Oil Tank is something to be proud of and we are the experts that are here to help.

Oil Tanks Dorset and Somerset Fourniers Ltd

We are so confident in our skills, when we are asked to supply an Oil Tank, not only do we give a FREE Quotation and a FREE site survey, we back it up with a 10 year guarantee. We advice you about the work required and Oil Tanks on offer. Plus, never forget, we are always just a phone call away.

Installing a new Oil Tank involves good old fashioned hard work. Sure, like many jobs, there’s lots of knowledge of regulations and paperwork but that’s often behind the scenes. It’s the physical installation that people see and that’s where we get to revel in the thanks we get from all our satisfied customers.

Oil Tanks Dorset Somerset Fourniers Ltd