Limescale Build Up - AGA

Limescale Build Up in AGA

03 Aug 2019

A customer in the New Forest was struggling to get hot water out of their AGA. It was simply trickling out.

She’d previously spent £3,500 with other companies trying to solve the problem.

The answer was in fact something really simple.

In the picture above, you can see the left hand threaded outlet is almost completely blocked with limescale. In this section alone, there is a 90% restriction in flow.

If you imagine the amount of limescale that can build up in your kettle, think how much can build up in a 50 year old AGA. It was solid as a rock.

Within 30 minutes, her AGA and boiler system was fully descaled and the hot water was flowing better than it had for many, many years.

If you live in a hard water area, and you have a AGA boiler remember to get it regularly checked and serviced. If your boiler isn’t running correctly it’s costing you money.

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