Our 240v 13amp Electric AGA Conversions Are Very Popular

Fourniers Electric AGA Conversions

21 Jul 2019

We’ve been working flat out doing 240v 13amp Electric AGA Conversions. They are very popular indeed.

So far this year we’ve done 68 and the queue is getting bigger so get your name in now!

Fournier’s can convert and fully recondition two and four oven AGAs.

When converting an AGA it is important not to simply replace the old Oil burning flame with an electric element. We replace the whole hotplate with a brand new unit with an electric element built in. This is far more efficient and allows the temperature to be digital controlled by a new electronic control unit below. These new hotplates look identical to the originals.

An electric element is installed between the roasting and simmering ovens and the main barrel assembly is removed. Although the AGA still uses radiant heat to cook food, it is now far more efficient and responsive. It will heat up quicker and feel familiar to anyone with a traditional AGA.

You get dials to control hotplates and a digital temperature gauge for your oven….. what more could you want?

Reasons to Convert

  • Lower running costs
  • No more waiting for oil deliveries
  • Lower fire risk
  • Independently controllable hotplates / Digital readouts
  • Zero servicing costs
  • No Oil tanks / Log Stores / Flues / Pipes / Fuel lines
  • Less risk of Oil leakage
  • Zero Carbon Monoxide Risk
  • Easy to use
  • More responsive
  • More efficient

You just need to ring us or email a picture of your existing AGA

Everything can be undertaken on site and in one day, no fuss but unfortunately a little dust.

The popularity of our conversion has been overwhelming and now 80% of all our AGA work is Electric.

As traditional AGA restorers and installers we bring so much more than just conversions. We can remove, relocate, rebuild and re-enamel most models of AGA.

All AGA ask for is a single 13amp wired direct to consumer box with a 16amp fuse and a cable of 2.5mm. However, we normally recommend two separate switched & fused supplies, wired to a Crabtree switch on left or right of cooker position. The maximum consumption would be 4.2Kw.

We can supply new linings, new lids, in fact anything is possible as long as we know your requirements.

Also changing the colour of your AGA does not mean you need another AGA. Exchange front plates and doors together with tops, lids etc can be swapped over within the same day ensuring minimum disruption.

We all know that the AGA range cooker started on solid fuel, moved onto oil then gas and now the shift to electric is fully underway. 80% of all new cookers sold are electric now and I suspect this is growing all the time. The reasons for this are explained!!

  • The cost of installing gas, oil or solid fuel cookers is much higher. Running fuel supplies to a cooker, whether gas or oil, is complicated and expensive. Along with installing the flue or lining a chimney etc you can spend a good proportion of the cost of the cooker on installing it. If you have to install an oil tank as well then it may even exceed it!
  • The flexibility of positioning an electric cooker is much greater. The same fuel supplies and flues that cost money to install also restrict where you can place your cooker. Electric cookers just need a plug; they can go anywhere!
  • Servicing oil, gas and solid fuel cookers is a pain. With fuel changes over the last few years oil cookers can need servicing every 6 months and sometimes less.

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