Fournier’s are the South’s No. 1 installers of:

  • Oil Tanks
  • Chimney Liners
  • AGA’s
  • Boiler

Installations are carried out in a 60 mile radius of Dorchester Dorset


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AGA Installation is best left to the professionals.

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Fournier’s undertake all work in association with Installation of AGA and Rayburn cookers.

  • Concrete or Prefabricated plinths
  • Gas and Oil lines
  • Calibration
  • Service and Repair

If your AGA was moved in one piece by a non-professional, it’s probably damaged and need of inspection.

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Oil Tank Instalation

Oil Tank Instalation

It is a legal requirement to make sure your tank is installed correctly.

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Oil Tank Installation

  • A free site survey and risk assessment
  • A free written quotation
  • Draining and transferring oil to new storage tank
  • Any necessary building works in association with the tank including landscaping and fence erecting
  • New pipe work installations and fire valves
  • Central heating boiler service/maintenance and repairs
  • We also supply only (if a complete installation is not needed, Tanks can be delivered on a supply basis and delivered to your door normally next day if currently in stock)
  • We stock an extensive range of oil storage tanks, which are competitively priced and all Tanks carry a 10 year guarantee.

A risk assessment should be carried out with reference to OFTEC TI/133D in Technical Book 3 to determine if the installation requires a bunded tank.

  • Installation should meet current Building Control / Environment Agency / Pollution Control guidelines.
  • Refer to OFTEC Technical Book 3 and BS5410 : Part 1 and Part 2 for requirements on location, installation and maintenance.
  • For all tank installation and maintenance, please take into consideration Health & Safety / Local Building Regulations.
  • Indoor installations need to meet BS5410, Parts 1 and 2 and OFTEC Technical Book 3.
  • For commercial and industrial installations refer to BS5410 : Part 2 and OFTEC Technical Book 3.
  • For agricultural installations refer to OFTEC Technical Book 3.
  • Where the tank has to be raised above ground level to provide a gravity flow of oil to an appliance the installation should meet OFTEC guidelines and BS5410 : Parts 1 and 2.
  • The tank should be installed directly on a level, secure and non-combustible base. If the tank is raised to provide a gravity oil supply, the base must be raised also so that the tank is installed directly on it. Please refer to OFTEC Technical Book 3.
  • Determine if tank needs to be secured in place in exposed conditions. Do not drill holes in the tank.
  • Determine if a Tigerloop de-aerator should be used.
  • Consult table 2 for recommended fuel supply pipe sizes for use with a Tigerloop de-aerator.
  • All associated pipe work should be supported independently so as not to put any strain on the tank.
  • For vapourising appliances bottom outlets are preferred, however, if a top outlet tank is used a lift pump will be required – consult the appliance manufacturer for technical advice.
  • For bottom outlet, the length of pipe run, tank height and boiler requirements will determine the outlet size. Top outlets are treated as a separate item (see table 2).
  • The Talking Titan / Smart Tank single skin tanks and FuelMaster bunded dispensing tanks are supplied with electronic contents gauges as standard (WatchmanSonic). EcoSafe bunded tanks are supplied with an electronic contents gauge and alarm as standard (WatchmanAlarm).

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