We are always on the look-out for AGA restoration projects.

If you have one you want to sell, or if you have one you want to restore contact us now.

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    • All AGA’s are carefully dismantled before removal for safe transportation to our workshops.
    • After carefully stripping and cleaning all parts, everything is thoroughly examined to determine it’s true condition.
    • All cast iron parts are blasted to remove all traces of enamelling before being treated for corrosion.
    • Worn or damaged parts are discarded or recycled.
    • All chrome parts are replaced with new.
    • All door linings, seals, and side panels are replaced with new.
    • All enamelled parts are giving a fresh coat of vitreous enamel to the customer’s choice of colour.
    • Cookers are carefully re-built making sure that all surfaces are correctly prepared and seal correctly.
    • New seals, door cords and door liners are added.
    • Once purchased, the AGA’s are then disassembled ready for transportation.


    The end result is a stunning new looking AGA for a fraction of the cost of a new one.