The Importance of Professional AGA Installation

AGA cookers are built to last, giving many years of service.

It is important that your AGA is installed to a high standard by an OFTEC and Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Safe Register

Installing an AGA

When installing an AGA it is vital that it is assembled on-site. This ensures that all of the cast iron parts are correctly aligned and conduct heat efficiently.

An AGA must be installed onto a pre-prepared surface. This surface should be sturdy and level with a plinth to raise it up to the correct height (if required). It is also important that the correct flue is in place. Some cookers also have specific electricity requirements.

Site Survey

Some AGA installations will require a site survey prior to installation and fitment.

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Rayburn Installation BridportRayburn Installation - Bridport

As AGA’s age, their internal insulation deteriorates, breaks up and sinks to the bottom. Whether it be ‘Fullers Earth’, ‘Khieselghere’ or the more efficient ‘Vermiculite’, after a number of years your cooker will begin to use significantly more energy and may in fact not be capable of reaching full heat. When this happens, the only real solution is to have your AGA professionally overhauled and re-insulated.

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